Saturday, August 27, 2011

what I grew this year: a garden keepsake

I am all about keepsakes and mementos, so when I got the idea to draw this today, I didn't waste any time before getting started. It features the specific varieties of plants in this year's garden in an adorable grid of doodles! I had so much fun drawing it and I think it would be fun to do one each year to remember what we grew. I'm going to make a print of it on nice paper and hang it up.

I am thinking of adding custom illustrations like this to the One Lonely Apricot shop next week! Interested persons would just send me a list of what they grew in their garden, the wording for the text at the bottom, and what background color they would like, and I would draw it up for them and send them the file or a print. I've been hoping to branch out from doing only wedding invitations. I'd like to start offering non-custom prints as well, so perhaps I could tweak this a little to appeal to a wider audience (besides, you know, me and Corey, since this represents our garden, ha!).

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