Saturday, December 18, 2010

swap with me 2011 - 52 swaps in one year

I'm here to announce a new project that I will be undertaking in 2011.

The goal: Accumulate one new print per week for an entire year. No money involved, only swapping.

I'll be posting one print per week on a new blog I've created that will be up for trade for another print from the first artist to claim it in the comments. I think it's going to be a surprising project with great results. I'm looking forward to see who will want my prints and who will want to give me theirs!

The project will take place here:

Follow the project, if you will! And if you'd like, participate! It is equally open to friends and strangers. The first print is up already, waiting to be claimed, though the project begins January 1, officially.

so long, 2010

Dear friends,

I have completed my first quarter of graduate school! I'm home for the holidays until a few days after Christmas.

I've been doodling a lot for One Lonely Apricot via Etsy and am actually working on my 30th commissioned doodle right now! It's hard to believe how much work I've gotten in just a little over a year.

I have a lot of new art projects in the works, and I'll try to keep you posted! I hope to update a lot more in 2011, once the holidays are over. 2010 was very good to me and I have high hopes for next year as well.