Friday, June 25, 2010

soaking up summer

It's really hot these days, but I am doing my best to soak up a carefree (relatively speaking) summer, and my last in Arkansas! Farmers' marketing, knitting (trying to knit, that is), sewing, crafting, cooking, baking, gardening, biking, photographing...

Monday, June 14, 2010

oh, botany

Spring is nearly over! I enjoyed this spring so much. I felt a special appreciation for each new flower and vegetable that came into season. I feel more alive and connected with the earth when I live with the seasons in mind! Summer is coming up officially next week (but it's so hot here it may as well have started a month ago). It is not my favorite, mostly due to the heat, but I am trying to find things to like about it. So far I am liking the variety of vegetables in season, reading a lot (just finished Into the Wild, loved it), and filling my windowsill with tiny plants.

On my living room windowsill now I have chocolate mint clippings waiting to be eaten (they smell amazing and I have a lot, give me your recipes!), a thrifted milk jar full of zinnias, a terrarium with wild strawberries and moss growing inside, a terrarium of my roommate's housing jade, Thai basil clippings sprouting roots, and my herb garden! And in my bedroom I have three succulents, an ivy plant, and a recycled yeast jar (one of the pretty brown glass ones) full of tiny white flowers. Lately my obsession for all types of plants has been growing and growing. I'm ready to move so I can acquire as many as I want and not feel guilty! I have so many botanical aspirations! The first things I want are an aloe vera plant and a small side table full of succulents. The succulents I have are in thrifted white milk glass planters, which I've seen an abundancy of, so I have plans to get a dozen or so more and fill them with various succulent varieties. I'd also like to get some field guides so I can identify plants better. I'm in love!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

instant pictures are back

I got a Fuji Instax and shot a wedding with it! I love it. I thought it could never be as good as my old Polaroid, but it's the perfect substitute, and the camera itself is super cute (I got the mini)!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

success in the garden

1. Nature has quite the sense of humor. All of our lettuce died except this head that decided to travel outside of its designated area and grow out from underneath the box! But thanks to this one lonely head, we can say that none of our crops died out completely (yet). Everything else is starting to flower, and I check on each plant every day with anxious anticipation.

2. The peas have been doing amazingly well! We are eating fresh peas almost every day now, and they taste sooo good! I don't want the pea season to end.

3. I acquired a lawn ornament for our garden at a yard sale for 50 cents! It needs a name. We have signs and a rabbit now, so our garden must be official.