Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a challenge to myself: 30 photos in 30 days

Erika over at A Tiny Rocket is currently working on the challenge of doing 30 paintings in 30 days! When I first heard she was doing this, I was very inspired thinking of all the new art she would have in her portfolio in just one month's time.

At the beginning of the summer, my plan was to make lots and lots and lots of things for my own portfolio. If you keep up with my blog, you know that I pick up my camera every single day, an invaluable exercise for any photographer. And although I don't completely separate that from my work as a "fine art photographer," those types of photographs are not my main focus right now. I am all for having a variety of projects going at once, with various ideas and materials involved, so I hate to call the stuff like I have in my photo shop my "serious work," and say that the other stuff is "just for fun," so to differentiate it, let me just say instead, that it's what I currently submit to art exhibits and what I am working off of to create my MFA thesis body of work over the upcoming school year.

So my plan was to make lots of the "serious stuff" this summer. But then I had three summer school classes. And I was teaching. And my studio space was relocated. And after all of that was said and done, I felt sort of uninspired to make work. So here I am openly admitting I have not created as much work this summer as I originally intended...yet! I am admitting it in hopes of fixing it.

Yesterday it hit me that I should do a 30 photos in 30 days challenge. I'll make 30 staged photographs, similar to the ones in my shop. Any other photos I take during the 30 days won't count (like of things I cook, my garden, etc.). I'll be working with floral patterns as I've been doing the past few months (unless something inspires me to do otherwise during the 30 days). I get back from my trip on August 24th, so between now and then I'll be doing some serious brainstorming and prop gathering, and then I'll make photos from August 25th - September 25th, which will put me just four days into the new school year (if I can finish 30 before school starts, even better).

How can you help? Words of encouragement are definitely needed! I'll keep up with my progress here and your comments will mean so much to me.

You can also sponsor the project financially if you would like! The funds will go towards props and film, and having your support will hold me accountable. There are a few things in it for you should you choose to do so. All sponsors can have a 100x55 pixel banner in my right sidebar linking to their site until the end of September. For $5 you will receive a 4"x6" signed print of one of the new photographs. $10 gets you a 5"x7", and $20 an 8"x10". If for any reason the project does not make it to completion (but I can assure you that it will!) you will receive a full refund (I have to include that line, but this project will be completed!) or can choose any image already for sale in my shop.

You'll receive an e-mail on September 26th with thumbnails of all 30 photographs so you can hand pick which one you want, and it will be mailed to you by October 3rd!

Thank you so much for your support! Just having people interested in the project will mean a lot. I look forward to posting my first photo in just a few short days!


Erika Lee Sears said...

You can do it girl :) I think it's just making the time. and knowing it doesn't have to be perfect. Can't wait to see all the beautiful pictures you are going to take.

Kristen said...

Thank you so much for the inspiration and words of encouragement! I am looking forward to this challenge.