Wednesday, August 24, 2011

so long for now, natural state

One year ago, I was at the beautiful Lake Ouachita with my family. I had only a few days left before I would move to Ohio for grad school. Today, I am going back to Ohio after a week-long visit back at home, to start my second and final year of my program. I've had a really nice visit and although I'll miss my friends and family here when I'm back at school, I look forward to all of the exciting things that I'll be making and doing this year.

Many blog entries await when I'm back in the Buckeye State! And my 30 day challenge begins tomorrow.


HazelandMare said...

Woohoo!!! Best wishes for a fun and exciting year!

Kristen said...

Thanks so much!

uccella said...

Wow! It's amazing to think that you are already halfway through your program. Congrats!