Monday, August 29, 2011

30 day challenge: day 4 and 5

When planning my work, humor is really the last thing on my mind, but when I go back to photos I've taken that I love the most (in this genre of photography, at least), the humor in them is what I most appreciate.

In the last photo area critique of spring quarter, it was suggested to me that I try eliminating the flower masks from this series I'm working on. I thought it over and felt that maybe that was a good idea, since they are kind of cheesy.

I started this 30 day challenge thinking that I wouldn't use the flower masks anymore, but then I missed them. Maybe the cheesy quality is what I like about them. They add another layer of floral, which is good for the overall idea I have about layering patterns to the point where they become overwhelming. At any rate, the humor seemed missing without those masks in this particular series. I'm always up for suggestions and for trying things out, but in this case, I have to go with my instinct, which is that the series needs them.

I am going to try to experiment with different types of flower masks, however. I already have a few ideas for other types. Some will mask the entire face while others won't. That will help give variety without giving up the idea completely. I think that getting in a rut and doing the same thing over and over to a fault does happen, but just because you try something multiple times or explore a particular theme in detail for awhile doesn't mean that you need to stop, it just means you are working on a well-rounded, thought-out body of work. I've taken everyone's advice on this series into account, explored all available options, and now I'm doing what I want to do. In the end, that's all you can do as an artist if you want to be satisfied with the end result.

p.s. Check out my new lights!

I rearranged my at-home studio area yesterday so I would have more room to use them.

Now I'm off to find new props for the rest of this week's photos! I'm getting a little bored of the florals I've been using.

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