Wednesday, August 10, 2011

panzanella - a tasty use for stale bread

I can't believe that after having lived in Florence, Italy, for almost three months, I did not know what a panzanella salad was! Apparently, it is a Florentine specialty. At any rate, I now know how to make it, thanks to Shari over at Tend. Tend is a collective blog of five ladies who love gardening. I have learned a lot from reading it regularly and I never grow tired of seeing beautiful photographs of others' gardens!

Panzanella is a lettuce-free salad which features stale bread, tomatoes, and a vinaigrette. Shari's recipe was this traditional version (some scoff at adding other ingredients--not surprising given Italian food customs, but humorous given the fact that this salad was invented before tomatoes were introduced to Italy), but I had some other veggies in the fridge to use up so I got a little inspiration from Smitten Kitchen and added bell pepper, onion, and cucumber to mine.

The results were delicious, of course! Do yourself a favor and make a panzanella with some leftover bread and fresh summer vegetables.

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