Thursday, August 25, 2011

cafeteria wisdom

Today was my brother's first day of college classes! I am excited for him. Undergrad was a great experience for me, and he's going to the same school I went to and majoring in the same thing as well (art)!

He said he has been a little overwhelmed finding his way around the cafeteria (it can get a little claustrophobic and hectic when everyone's there at once). I figured that things are probably still in pretty much the same spots they were the last time I ate there, since they didn't really move in the four years I was there, so I made him a little map today. I hope it helps.

I loved eating in the cafeteria! I'd go with my roommates and other friends and spend literally hours just talking and avoiding homework under the notion that socializing is definitely essential to the college experience (well, it is). I ate there twice a day for four years, so I'd consider it a very important part of my undergrad.

And now, a little cafeteria wisdom, which I think is applicable to many areas of life:

1. Take a quick look at all of your choices before deciding on one thing. There could be something better available than the thing you originally had your eye on.

2. If you don't find what you want today, there'll always be something different tomorrow.

3. It's okay to stay a little longer than you originally planned to have a cup of coffee with friends. Time spent having good conversations is never wasted.

4. It's perfectly fine to eat at the cafeteria alone when your meal ticket is already paid for and the alternative is Ramen noodles. If you don't have a book with you, mom is always up for a phone call.

5. Say please and thank you to the cafeteria ladies, and always return your tray. The smallest acts of good etiquette say a lot about your character.


Sarah O'Holla said...

Aww this is so cute! I love a hand drawn map. And great advice for any cafeteria. I especially like #4 :)

Kristen said...

Thanks! Me too! I love it when people need directions to go someplace and I can draw them a little map. Number four is my favorite as well! I used to always call my mom from the cafeteria if I couldn't find a friend to eat with me.

uccella said...

This is such a cute idea! I hope you stressed the importance of bagels for breakfast, as well :)