Tuesday, August 16, 2011

this zucchini could win a prize

We aren't growing zucchini in this year's garden, but being that it is one of my favorite summer vegetables to cook with, each week I pick up a few at the farmers' market. This week, however, there is no need, because Corey's boss gave him this enormous zucchini that is greater than or equal to the handful I normally purchase (I'm leaning towards "greater than"). It's crazy how big it is. I'm going to make a tian again today (it was just so delicious) and try for something new and zucchini-filled with the rest of it tomorrow. I'll be going out of town Thursday (to visit my home state!) so I'm not sure that I'll reach my goal of 3-4 new recipes this week, but I will be sure to have interesting things to blog about from my time away! My parents are growing a big vegetable garden this summer and I am excited to finally see it in person and photograph it. I'm sure I will also come up with some non-gardening-related things of interest.

Speaking of zucchini, the day after I return from my trip, there is a festival just outside of Columbus happening called Zucchinifest. It has me intrigued...I might check it out!


Anonymous said...

That is so crazy! That would probably last you like three meals! ;)

Kristen said...

You're telling me! I just finished making dinner and barely put a dent in the thing!