Monday, August 08, 2011

you never disappoint

In my kitchen I have a saying. "Smitten Kitchen, you never disappoint." I find myself saying this over and over every time I make a Smitten Kitchen recipe.

Today I made the simplest apple tart, a recipe originally from Chez Panisse, the restaurant of Alice Waters, one of my food heroes. In traditional fashion, it did not disappoint.

I made a miniature tart from a slither of leftover dough so that I could taste it straight out of the oven without cutting into the main event. So delicious. And it is worth mentioning that I used apples from Hirsch Fruit Farms, one of my favorite vendors at my local farmers' market.

I only made one alteration, and that was to add a pinch of cinnamon. It didn't really need it, but when I originally got it in my head to made some kind of apple dessert with the market apples, I just knew there would be cinnamon.


HazelandMare said...

I love Smitten Kitchen! I check that site all the time :) They always have the most delicious-looking things! Glad you found a new fave apple tart recipe!

onelonelyapricot said...

I know, right! I think I want to make every last recipe there. Thanks, me too! It was amazing. I highly recommend it.