Friday, July 15, 2011

garden updates

The white cherry tomatoes (which often take on a light yellow hue) are starting to ripen. The tomato plants are doing well in Ohio's moderate temperatures. This is exciting since last year's plants met an early death due to heat.

The gretel eggplant has two eggplants! The purple beauty is close behind it.

This one head of lettuce is growing taller and taller. It's probably around four feet tall now. It flowered yesterday, and maybe I'll be able to save some of the seeds soon. This head and three others came as seedlings from the farmers' market.

The peas are still producing. I think we'll double the pea crop for fall, we are so fond of them. I love the way they wrap around things.

The zinnias are finally in bloom! Here is one just before opening.

And when it finally revealed its color (fuchsia!), pictured here with a yellow ladybug friend.

The cone flowers are opening as well. They should stay in bloom until the first frost, which will be sometime in October.

The first round of cilantro has flowered too, and I was taken by how beautiful the tiny white flowers are.

Cilantro flowers again.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, these photos are so cool! I really like seeing these plants and veggies in their baby stages :) Those little eggplants are so cute!

onelonelyapricot said...

Thank you! I think mini eggplants are cute as well. Today there are two purple ones and three white ones!