Sunday, July 10, 2011

I like my bike

This is my bike, Winnie. I have had her for one year, and she is great! I love the cream color of her frame, and her reliability. I loved my old bike too, to be sure, but it was not quite as reliable, or comfortable to ride.

Here are Corey and Alex. This particular day, we were headed to the farmers' market. Here we were making our way to the trail by the river so we wouldn't have to watch for cars.

This is on the trail, and not as dangerous as it looks!

A park with some baseball fields by the trail.

At some points on the trail, I almost feel like I could be back in Arkansas. I don't miss the heat, but I do miss the natural beauty of my home state. I love this part of the trail where you are surrounded by tall trees.

My new state is pretty great too, though. Did you know that Columbus is named after Christopher Columbus? The trail by the river goes all the way downtown, where you'll find this replica of the Santa Maria, Columbus' ship, in the water. When it's open, you can pay $4 for a tour. Here I am next to it on an evening bike ride with Corey and Alex on the trail. That pink spot is probably the ghost of Christopher Columbus (joking).

Anyway, back to the farmers' market bike ride, we made it, and got some delicious tomatoes!

And dinosaur kale! And sprouts, and squash, and zucchini, and cucumbers! Success.

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