Saturday, July 30, 2011

branching out

This summer, I decided to branch out of the university setting a little and take an art class at a community arts center downtown. It has been really fun! My friend Alex is taking the class with me, which is beginning metal jewelry making.

Here I am sanding my current project, which is a slot and tab necklace.

It was going to be a bracelet, but I wanted to make very small scalloped pieces, and since I only have three hours a week to use the tools to work on it, the progress has been a little slow. I'm going to add a chain on the sides to make it into a necklace, so that I can move on to other projects, because the class only meets for eight weeks.

Here is Alex's slot and tab bracelet. She just finished it! The shape is inspired by peacock feathers, and she added a blue/black patina to bring out small details which she drypoint etched into the surface.

I'm excited about my next project, where I'll learn to make rivets! I'm going to make a pendant for a necklace, which will involve not only metal, but layers of fabric and tiny dried flowers (either cilantro flowers or dill flowers, I haven't decided yet if I want white or yellow!). I am looking forward to including fabric in the work, especially.

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another feather said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to see what else you make!!