Tuesday, July 19, 2011

plant collection

Plants and planters. I do love to collect them. This collection of plants by my dining room window is in a variety of thrifted and repurposed planters. The plants themselves are from cuttings or the "sad plant shelf," as I call it, at the hardware store. Basically, all the plants that seem on the verge of death end up on this shelf at a very discounted price, and I take pity on them and nurse them back to good health in these adorable little planters. Probably half my trips to the hardware store result in coming home with a new plant (and being an artist, I go quite often). And now for some history:

Owl Planter - from a "crazy owl lady" in my college town, who had her house decorated entirely in owl things, and sold this to me at her yard sale. Plant: cutting from my original devil's ivy plant.
Milk Glass Planter - from a yard sale in my college town (my old roommate Rosa and I used to go every Saturday last summer!) for 10 cents. Plant: croton, the first plant I bought after moving to Columbus.
Turtle - from a sad thrift store in Columbus, when I had first moved here and was trying to find some good ones. Nothing is planted in it currently. I think it's in need of something!
Small Corked Jar - from my favorite thrift store here in Columbus. It matched the larger one so I got it. Plant: wild strawberries from my front yard in Ohio.
Blue Ball Jar - from an antique store in Columbus, bought as an experiment in photographing terrariums with pinhole cameras. Plant: clover from my yard here.
Large Corked Jar - from a yard sale I went to with Rosa. Plant: wild strawberries and moss from Corey's yard in our college town. Still going strong after a year!
Tea Pot - from the Salvation Army in my college town. It came with a lid taped on that I later found out wasn't the right lid and didn't really fit, so I decided to use it for a planter. It doesn't hold water very well, so this sedum succulent grows well in it. The sedum is from a cutting in my front flowerbed (the plant was here already when I moved in).
Strawberry Jam Jar - from local jam I bought at Columbus's North Market during my visit to see if I wanted to move here. Plant: spearmint cuttings from my friend Alex.
Camping Pan - originally I bought this pan to be a candy bowl in my dorm sophomore year. Then I used it as a fruit bowl. Currently it holds half-used seed packets and blank popsicle sticks in preparation for my fall garden!

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Anonymous said...

Aww! I love all your planters!! That is so adorable! And I love that you rescued all those plants, you should be really proud!