Friday, July 08, 2011

so long, studio

As we all prepare for the building's demolition, my first year of grad school is beginning to feel more like a memory and less like it just happened moments ago. For the next five days, I could go up to my old studio if I wanted to, but all I would find is an empty room.

This was the view from the window by my desk. I quite liked it so I decided to document it while packing up.

My last box of stuff (in a box painted like a tv from one of my photos!). You know your desk is done when the plant's in the box. That's a calico kitten succulent. I had other plants, terrariums actually, as well, but had taken them home already.

The view again, a step further back. I loved looking out the window to see that tree. I hope they don't have to cut it down.

Our light switch plate, covered with this photo by some grad students before us. Just a little art student humor.

My desk on the left, common area and Tim's corner to the right.

My little corner. A/C unit that does not work, just blows out hot air and sometimes sparks and smoke. We were on the fourth floor too, so it got pretty hot the past couple of months (80+ with no circulation). I'm happy the new building will have A/C! It doesn't get that hot here, but sometimes you just need it, to circulate the air or take out the humidity.

Someone made a flag out of two large c-prints and hung it from the hallway window. An inside view was pictured in the first photo.

A lot of life is about movement, packing up from here and moving to there. We move along, and sometimes, hopefully most of the time, experience progress in those transitions. I'm just happy to be a photographer, a record and memory keeper of sorts, so that I have a way to remember this past year which was so influential for me as an artist. So long, Haskett Hall.

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