Monday, November 14, 2011

thrift store finds

A few more thrift store finds from this weekend...A recipe card box that says "dinner is served" on it, so adorable ($.50)! I have actually been looking for a recipe card box. Right now my favorite recipes are scribbled on random sheets of paper and stuck to my fridge with weak magnets (they fall off a lot...). I am planning to put some magnets on the back of this recipe card box, write the recipes out on smaller, more organized pieces of paper, and stick the whole box to the fridge. Voila, storage solutions for the girl with too few kitchen cabinets.

And three new milk glass could I resist buying all three at $.90 apiece! I have some cuttings that will be ready to plant soon so these are perfect.

That's all for now...have you found anything good lately?

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