Sunday, November 06, 2011

apartment therapy 20/20 cure update

Since starting Apartment Therapy's 20/20 Cure, I have gotten so much work done on my home! I don't know that most of it was even through following the cure steps directly, but was simply the result of getting inspired by the 20/20 Cure to do some serious cleaning/changing.

What you see in the above picture is my dining room window. Those are about half of my houseplants, many of them recently brought indoors when the frost came. I keep a grow light on them for several hours a day because only two windows in my apartment let in enough light for plants during non-summer seasons here. Since starting the 20/20 Cure, I bought a rod for and hung those cafe curtains, a thrift-store find from earlier this year ($3 and they appear to be handmade!). I rearranged these plants and cleaned the surfaces they are on.

I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen from top to bottom, reorganized the cabinet under the kitchen sink, did a bunch of laundry, dusted every surface in the apartment, caulked a bunch of drafty gaps around door and window moldings, and put away little piles of clutter here and there. I've also done other things that I just can't think of off the top of my head. But the apartment is looking so good! I surface clean weekly, but you know there are always those detailed things that you want to do but put off. It feels good to get around to them. I have also been rearranging little items here and there, which makes things feel fresh. In some areas I even removed items without adding anything back, something the cure recommends. I agree that negative space is good!

One part of the 20/20 Cure I have not done yet but would like to do, is to buy some fresh flowers for my apartment. I am about to have a cup of coffee, and then I might just go do that!


Natalie said...

Kristen, I LOVE your inspiration photos. I keep that photo of the chevron rug in the turquoise nursery in my pinterest files...i have always loved that room! Our last apartment sounds much like your current one. I often moved things around to keep it feeling fresh. I am an avid and loyal reader of apartment therapy, so i am going to need to check out their 20/20 cure! I find myself doing all kinds of things around our place come fall and's just a nesting time, i guess! love reading your blog-- hope your doing well. Ohio is so lucky to have you there :)

Natalie said...

PS- Urban Outfitters sells a relatively affordable chevron rug if you are interested. And, what all do you have growing on your red table? I just recently planted some succulents, but am wanting to plant a few things indoors soon. Any suggestions for fall, indoor planting?

Kristen said...

Natalie, thank you! I really think you should start a blog! I love looking at pictures of your home whenever you put them on Facebook. :) I definitely agree that fall is a good nesting time! I am anticipating spending so much more time indoors as it gets colder and want to make my place as happy as possible.

I did see that rug on UO! I might go to the store and look at it in person (they prey on hip college students here by putting on directly across the street from campus...I walk by it every day!). I also found one that is slightly more expensive on that is a cut pile material rather than woven so it might be more durable and not show as much dirt. It doesn't come in the fun colors that the UO ones do though!

I have a wide variety of things on those tables, from herbs to succulents to houseplants to even a miniature lime tree, ha! Many of them I just brought indoors. Out of everything I have grown inside, those in the "houseplants" category by far do the best. I've had the most luck with devil's ivy, schefflera, and ficus. I killed two crotons but I think it was my fault for insisting they liven up a space that did not get enough light. Home improvement stores and nurseries put many of their houseplants on clearance this time of year. I buy most of mine in the small size and on clearance if possible, so they will cost less, and it does take awhile, but in 6 months to a year they grow so much. The clearance plants usually have a lot of dead leaves but recover well after simply removing those.