Saturday, November 12, 2011

holiday decorations in the works

This month I am a sponsor for one of my favorite blogs, Desirous of Everything! If you are not familiar, check it out now...what are you waiting for! Being a sponsor comes with the privilege of writing a guest post. I've been piecing one together on decorating your mantle (or a similar area) for the holidays on a small budget (I'm aiming for $5 or less)! In my mind, "small budget" signals "creative challenge," which I am always up for. I have an idea that it might be kind of boring if I could simply go to any store and choose whatever I wanted. Instead I am looking for adorable secondhand treasures and making some things. My post will be up sometime after Thanksgiving...I'll let you know when! Until then, I'll leave you with this picture of my inspiration...this vintage, musical Santa Claus. I found him at my favorite thrift store today for $.90. He turns at an adorably slow pace and chimes Christmas carols when you wind him up.


Sarah O'Holla said...

Aww I love vintage Christmas decorations! So excited for you upcoming guest post!

uccella said...

So cute! Speaking of apartment therapy, have you seen these?

Kristen said...

Sarah, I am too! I plan on finishing up tomorrow and Saturday so I can get my post to you!

Casey, thanks for sharing those!! I love that they used maps and globes. So cute!