Monday, November 21, 2011

thrift store finds: new cameras

On Friday I scored these two cameras from my favorite thrift store while looking for Christmas decorations! Other photographers who are reading: do you find that you simply have to look at the cameras for sale at any secondhand shop you set foot in!? Sometimes I find this to be a curse, but I love old cameras!

But, I don't buy every camera I find (that would be a lot), only the ones that stick out to me for one reason another (after aquiring three Instamatics last year I made myself get more choosy!). If the film type is still readily available, then that's a definite plus. Unfortunately, it's not for these two cameras, but in this case, their stylish looks and amazing prices got me.

The tiny one (probably the cutest camera I have ever seen) is a Kodak Brownie Chiquita! It was sold in Brazil from 1957 to 1964, and takes 127 film (45mm--available but for a hefty price). The writing on the front is in Portuguese! It's in mint condition and cost me $1.91.

The larger one is an Argus Seventy-five, made in 1949! It is in really good condition as well, came in the original case, and was $2.92. It's a twin lens camera with a waist level viewfinder, which I've had lots of fun playing around with since my Bronica's viewfinder isn't waist level. It's not as sophisticated as my Bronica though, since it has a fixed focus and only one aperture and shutter speed. It takes 620 film, which is about the same size as 120 but is on different sized spools. So I'm planning to rig up a roll of 120 film as soon as I can get a second 620 spool, and see what kind of pictures it can make.

If I'm able to make any photos with these, I'll do another post! Do you make pictures with any vintage toy cameras? What are your favorites?

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