Tuesday, November 08, 2011

apartment therapy 20/20 cure update 2

Well, I think I may just keep writing about this 20/20 home cure for all my posts this week. Is anyone else getting inspired? I am! I feel that my apartment has a lot of energy now...something the cure promised! I'll show you some in-progress photos...I'll begin with a finished area...my nightstand:

I had a pile of books a mile high on top of that notebook, and a few other items. I got some beautiful miniature carnations for my vase (and they are spread throughout the apartment too!) and purchased a cute vintage alarm clock ($.90) to go here because usually I just check my phone to see what time it is. However, I realized that the previous owner of this clock got rid of it because of the awful ticking noise it makes every single second. So for now it is just decoration...that's probably not supposed to be part of the cure, ha! But I just think it's so adorable. I hung two prints on the wall (bottom print by Matt Cipov, top print from a classmate, Anne, in a print exchange last school year) one on top of the other (sorry, couldn't get a good picture with both in there). I love vintage office supplies and school-related items so the clipboard seemed like a fun way to hang this print (for now--I realize it's not archival).

I moved my desk from a cramped corner in another room to here. So far I like it a lot better! I still have to move and arrange the rest of the things that need to be on/near it, so this is really in progress.

These are my floors that I was talking about. They are in every room of the apartment except the bathroom and kitchen, which have oh-so-lovely vinyl "tile." This floor that you see here...why did I not clean it for the photo, you ask? That IS clean! Those little specks are just part of it. So my floor looks perpetually dirty, which really gets on my nerves. It also might be the worst shade of brown ever.

Another little work in progress. This is where a lot of things I want to rearrange have ended up. I might hang that chalkboard above my desk...do you like it? I actually won it in a giveaway recently! I kind of love it. You can check those out here at Revived Vintage if you want one for yourself.

Finally, I will end with my children...my plants. haha. This is almost the rest of my plant collection (I might be nearing plant lady status, huh?). All of these are "clearance plant" rescues. I bought them on clearance and nursed them back to health by this super sunny window. Most of them are at least a year old and have grown a lot! The one in the yellow planter was my very first houseplant, a devil's ivy. I bought it on clearance in that cute planter for $2.50 and it had only four leaves. I am so proud of how far it's come and I have gotten three cuttings out of it too.

That's it for today...if you are feeling inspired, I challenge you to:
- Get some fresh flowers for your home! You will love having them, I promise.
- Rearrange a few pieces of art/objects.
- Clear the clutter from one surface.

If you're like me, once you do this much, there will be nothing stopping you!


Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I say PAINT the floors!! I vote on a light gray. I do checks..but that is a lot of work ofr a rental!!

Kristen said...

Oh, I know! I really, really want to paint my floors gray! I think it would look perfect, but you're right, it is a lot of work. I just don't know that I will do it...when I first moved in I didn't have the budget for it after moving expenses and now that I do I'm not sure if I want to go to the trouble given how long is left on my lease. If I end up renewing my lease again I will definitely have to do something though. The problem is getting worse after being here over a year. I really don't think the right kind of paint was used.