Sunday, October 02, 2011

the vicious squirrel returns & fall tomatoes

The wrath of the vicious squirrel continues...this weekend he took out his anger on my little Travelocity garden gnome. The chard and lettuce seeds took a hit as well.

On the bright side, look at these beautiful fall tomatoes! Okay, I posed them outside in the grass for good light and color, but let me tell you a secret...I picked them when they were still green and ripened them in a brown paper grocery sack to keep them safe from the squirrels! Tomatoes ripened on the vine have a slightly better flavor but these are still delicious, and by the sad remains of a few I let turn red on the vine, I did the right thing. I have another bag ripening now and should have a few more before the frost hits.

I am sad to see a cold but relaxing weekend end. A few things I did:

- Indian food
- Catch Me if You Can
- art openings
- tomato sandwiches
- lots of coffee (to stay warm!)
- and chili (for the same reason!)

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