Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the meditative qualities of film processing

One of my favorite methods of relaxation...or maybe I should say meditation...is film processing. You have to slow down for it, and really pay attention to the materials and the clock, or you'll mess up your film. It's also gratifying to get all the way from shooting the photograph to having the negatives in your hands without going to a professional lab. This weekend I spent some time processing film and making black and white enlargements. I know a lot of people see it as outdated these days, but I wouldn't recommend any other way of learning photography.

p.s. Check out that hazardous material...an old crossword puzzle and lots of film backing paper (found in medium format film). Looks super hazardous to me!


eliza said...

Sigh....I wish I could have someone teach me darkroom photo developing. I think even though it might be "outdated" it shouldn't become a lost technique!

Kristen said...

AR Arts Center has a great darkroom in their museum school! They offer lots of classes.