Saturday, October 22, 2011

ohio's oldest festival...the circleville pumpkin show

In a town about half an hour away, the oldest festival in Ohio takes place...The Circleville Pumpkin Show! It's like a fair that is completely pumpkin-themed. Pumpkin pie eating contests, a prize for the largest pumpkin, a Miss Pumpkin Show, a parade full of dogs and people dressed as pumpkins (among other things), and every pumpkin-flavored food you can think of...even some things you wouldn't be able to dream up on your own, like pumpkin sloppy joes and pumpkin tacos.

These pictures are from last year's Pumpkin Show, but we're going back today to check out this year's festival!

Did I mention the official mascot is a Pumpkin Man who goes around the fair on roller blades?

And school is canceled for all of the local children for days due to the Pumpkin Show!

The largest pumpkin pie in the world was in that bakery! There was a pretty long wait to see it though, so we didn't go in.

I only wish I had a photo of the town's water tower...which is shaped like a pumpkin!

More photos after today's adventure...


uccella said...

The postcard you sent me of last year's pumpkin festival is still on my wall, and just the other day I was wondering if you'd attend again this year!

I didn't realize that the local school was cancelled for the pumpkin show!

Kristen said...

hehe Yes, we felt the need to return! I was a little surprised to find that everything was exactly the same as last year...even the floats we saw! Although, we did not stay for the entire parade this time. All of the vendors were selling the same things in exactly the same places. Kind of gave me a strange feeling, like I was stepping into memories from a year ago! I wonder how it is for people who have gone every year for their whole lives.

School being canceled is my favorite little fun fact about the Pumpkin Show...just a testament to what a huge deal it is in that town!

uccella said...

Talk about déjà vu...! I am willing to bet that there are plenty of folks who like knowing that the festival will always be the same. At least now you know what will be happening on this day if you can't make it next year ;)