Sunday, June 26, 2011

a few garden updates

From this morning's walk through the garden...

The eggplants are trying to bloom.

Zinnias continue to grow.

The cilantro smells so nice. I steal a few leaves here and there for salsa, but I'm hoping to harvest a big bunch soon.

One of the beds...peas, salad greens, chard, cabbage, and eggplant.

Sunflowers, growing slowly but surely. Not sure if they are getting enough sun, so we'll see if they make it all the way.

Salads have been fabulous.

Mint! Hard to believe this was merely four puny cuttings only three weeks ago.

The peas flowered yesterday! Can't wait to have some peas to snack on.

Chard is getting big!

Forest of tomato plants.

The other bed, tomatoes and peppers.

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Jess said...

gosh everything looks SO good! what an inspiration you are!