Tuesday, June 14, 2011

smoothie queen

Are any other smoothie lovers reading this? I've been perfecting my smoothie making abilities since I was in 8th grade! I remember when I first started, how calculated I was about following a recipe my mom gave me. But now, I don't really play by any smoothie rules. I can make a smoothie out of very few ingredients, and can usually come up with something in a pinch using whatever I have available. A few days ago, the mood for a smoothie struck me and I had some berries that needed to be eaten, so I came up with this, and now I've made it several times.

2/3 c. almond milk
5-8 raspberries
5-8 blackberries
3-5 strawberries
1/2 frozen banana
5 fresh mint leaves
splash of lemon juice

Of course, this can easily be altered to suit your tastes or refrigerator contents. As a general rule, when I have bananas that are about to go bad, I peel, halve, and freeze them for smoothies, or make them into banana muffins. In my opinion, there's no reason to ever have to throw away a rotten banana! What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

p.s. That yellow glowing spot above my smoothie glass is a lit-up firefly! My yard is currently full of them and I love it.

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