Tuesday, June 21, 2011

welcome, summer

I started reading this book yesterday, Made from Scratch by Jean Zimmerman. It is delightful and fits right into my current research and artmaking. From the Amazon.com review: "In the past century, homemakers have become a dying breed. The domestic achievements of our mothers and grandmothers have been devalued and replaced by the easy options of fast food, hired help and prefabricated products of all kinds; meanwhile, the arts of cooking, needlework and gardening become the province of a dedicated few." The author refers to herself as a feminist and advocates the strides that the feminist movement has made for women in the workplace, but urges us not to forget the valuable handiwork of our foremothers.

Summer classes are in full swing now. I'm teaching my usual "Introduction to Photography" course (in four hour time blocks, twice a week--so long!). I'm taking a food science seminar on the topic "Controversies in Contemporary Food Culture," a beginning ballet class, and in a few weeks, a week-long art education seminar on the topic, "Creative Art Writing." I've also signed up for a metal jewelry fabrication class with my friend Alex, through the parks and recreation association! It is once a week for eight weeks. I'm excited for these new classes and straying outside of photography for the summer (though I'll still be taking photos, to be sure!).

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