Monday, April 27, 2009

chocolate hearts & chocolate cake

My weekend was incredibly busy, but rewarding! I spent Friday night finishing up my items for our arts and crafts sale, and a good portion of Saturday at the sale. It was a lot of fun, as always! Here are some pictures.

Our very official sign.

Alex and Tori attracted visitors by hula-hooping.

This is my half of the table I shared with Casey. I sold polymer clay and ceramic jewelry, photographs, drawings, 'zines, and chocolate espresso bean hearts (!!!). I tried selling this one very pink purse I've been trying to sell for awhile, but it didn't sell, again. For our next sale I'm going to be sure to make time to make a lot more sewn items (in less obtrusive colors). I think they would go over well.

Alex looking at my jewelry.

After the sale, I headed to my parents' house to work on the final project for this Very Interesting class I have, Meal Management. Allow me to explain. I started college as a Family & Consumer Science major, and after switching to art (a much better fit for me), I had half the credits necessary to have a minor in FACS. I decided to finish out the minor, because some of the classes I do find interesting (especially the textiles/sewing and food science ones). This semester, I am in a FACS class called Meal Management. We learn about food preparation, food safety, and meal planning. The final project is to throw a formal dinner, then make a presentation about it, complete with pictures. Since I have neither a kitchen, dining room table, or even a matching set of dishes (thanks to living for a dorm for four years), my sweet mother told me I could do the project at home.

It turned out very successfully! The dinner was delicious, and I think my whole family had fun dressing up and having a fancy meal on a regular day (i.e. not a holiday dinner, when we usually have something extra special). The menu included faux chicken breast (made from wheat) with an orange and soy sauce glaze, herbed new potatoes, green beans almandine, salad, rolls, and devil's food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

I'll be happy to post recipes if anyone is interested! When I returned to school, I had a long night of being darkroom monitor. I am also monitor tonight and tomorrow night (whew). I usually only work one or two nights a week, but last night I filled in for another monitor. Tuesday night will be my time as monitor until fall semester! I'm a little sad about that, because next semester the people coming won't be the same. Oh well, ecco fatto. This week is full of finishing final projects. Ironically, next week, finals week, should be a little less stressful.

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