Wednesday, April 22, 2009

on being a busy bee

I have been such a busy bee the past few weeks. Last week the 35th annual Vortex Magazine of Literature and Art made its debut! It has been so rewarding to be on the staff the past three years. The release party went very well and it's a treat to have the new issue in my possession.

Also, as the staff photographer, I was put in charge of a photo shoot where I got to take various pictures of the staff members for use in the magazine. We did an official staff portrait, as well as other photographs that were to be considered for use on the cover and certain inside pages. The cover image was taken using a long exposure, while several staff members waved sparklers around. Very exciting!

This is my favorite photograph of mine that got into the magazine. Even as the art editor, I didn't have a say on the layout, and everything gets into the magazine by a system of voting. So being on staff doesn't mean you automatically get published or treated specially. Sometimes that's assumed, so I just want everyone to know. It is still just as exciting for me to get into the magazine as anyone else!

This coming Saturday, there is going to be another art sale! I think this one is going to turn out really well. I made tons of fliers and have been putting them up and handing them out, and lots of people are planning to come. In preparation, I've been making lots and lots of things.

I turned many of my favorite doodles into miniature prints on pretty-colored cardstock.

I'm quite taken with doodling/painting on these premade wooden plaques you can buy at craft stores, and I had five large-ish ones lying around, so I decorated those and added hangers on the back. If these don't sell I won't be too sad, because I'd love them on my wall...ha!

I have also been making lots of jewelry! Lots and lots and lots of jewelry, as it was my bestseller last time. Much of it is made from polymer clay, but I had some time this week to make some ceramic pendants (pictured here), so I made about thirty and fired them my Clay Club friends Melissa and Mizuki. I just got everything out of the kiln about an hour ago and was so excited about how they turned out! I had five bowls in there as well, but couldn't carry them home so they are still in the studio. I'm going to get cord for the necklaces after my last class. Very exciting! There are some tiny pieces, as well, to glue onto earring backs.

Tonight I am going to pick up a bunch of photographs I had printed from the store (for the sale also), finish up assembling all of the jewelry, make heart-shaped chocolates with flavored espresso beans inside (yes, they are amazingly delicious), and possibly sew some tiny bags or stuffed owls...we'll see! I've got the making bug at the moment...I can't stop! I'm glad I'll have lots to sell on Saturday.

Ciao, friends!


Mark Samuel Monroe said...

You amaze me. You're so dedicated to what you do and its truly inspiring. I am obsessing over your tiny drawings! They are so beautiful.

onelonelyapricot said...

Mark, Thank you so much for your kind words! You are too sweet. I appreciate it :)