Monday, April 13, 2009

tragic, I say

I combined multiple photographs to make a few sort-of digital double exposures, because I really wanted to enter this exhibition coming up at the New York Graduate School for Psychoanalysis called Dreamwork. They were looking for dream-like imagery and content, and since this photograph deals with my personal fears, as do dreams oftentimes, I decided to up the dream-like visual quality of it and enter it.

I have to enter four shows this semester to fulfill the requirements of certain classes, and I found that the Dreamwork one was free, which is important to note, since many shows cost $25-$50 to enter, and that times four is not a pretty number. I think it is unjustifiable to spend so much on shows right now, since as a student up against professionals, I feel that I don't really have the same odds of getting in.

Well, maybe I should reconsider that last statement, or, maybe I just got lucky, because I got an e-mail today from the New York Graduate School for Psychoanalysis saying that I got in the show! So I have to send them my photograph, framed, by May 5th. Oh, but not only did I get in, only 37 submissions out of 1,800 were chosen. How did I get so lucky!? 2% of entries!?

I'm so excited! I'm actually at work in the darkroom, which would be the perfect place to share the good news of getting a photograph into a show, but it's a really slow night and no one is here at the moment! Tragic, I say.

Now I just need to convince one of my handful of friends who live in New York that they would love to visit this exhibit when it's up and take a photo of my photo up on the wall for me..hmm...?

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