Wednesday, April 15, 2009

discover yourself

Discover Yourself: A Journaling Project

Today I presented the practice version of my thesis project! It's very thrilling to nearly be finished. My project is about the journals artists keep. I did research + I kept a visual journal dutifully for one year. My presentation is half talking (actually, reading parts of my paper--I think it sounds better than extemporaneous blabbering) and half a slideshow of all of the journal pages I did in a year, set to music. Then, at the end, I give all of my listeners a mini 2"x2" 10-page booklet with copies of my favorite journal pages in it, and information about the project. I'm happy with how everything turned out! The four journals I made are so special to me. They documented my studies abroad last summer and lots of other things. I present the real presentation on May 8th.


Geidlbots said...

Kristen, I really love your work. Maybe when we're loaded, I will ask you to let me buy stuff from you.

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

i love your alter-journals! i didn't know those were yours. i want to see them up close. what a wonderful project to have almost finished. jealous? jealous. ;]

onelonelyapricot said...

Amanda--Thank you so much! I would like to send you some kind of housewarming piece of art when you get all moved and settled. :) I'll be in touch about it.

Mark--Aw, thank you! It's definitely been a long project...and I'm anxious to finish it! It's so nice to hear good feedback about it. :)