Sunday, July 05, 2009

whales, berries, and coffee cans

1. Last week was my lucky week for mail! Corey bought me this adorably cute gocco print from Argyle Whale. It's perfect! I love it, and it was incredibly thoughtful of him. I'm keeping it safe until I move and decide what color frames to get for a handful of prints I have acquired over the past year or so. Is that a good way to break into being an adult...buying picture frames instead of just using thumbtacks? Somehow, I think it's a necessary step.

2. My parents and brother picked wild blackberries and my mom turned them into a cobbler. It was really delicious. I can't take any credit for it but wanted to photograph it for her and thought I'd share. I can ask her for the recipe if anyone would like it.

3. This is my new coffee canister! I really wanted a whole set of canisters like know, the kind that graduate in size and you display them all on your countertop and fill them with essentials like flour, sugar, coffee, tea, etc. Well, yes, I really did want the whole set, and the whole set they did have for sale...but the second one was missing its lid, tragically. So, I got this one just for coffee but I'm still on the lookout for a whole display. (In the picture above, I would also like you to note one of my most prized clear telephone...which I received as a gift for my 7th birthday, and yes, it still works.)

4. I decided to bake another loaf of bread today in the new's nearly finished and the whole house smells deliciously of fresh bread. I should have timed it better and had it finish earlier before everyone was heading to bed!

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