Sunday, May 02, 2010

on succulents and color film

These are the beautiful succulents of my friends Jessica and Brandon. They will soon spread out in their front flower bed and cover the entire thing! I think they are so beautiful, kind of like little sea creatures on land. I have three planters on my windowsill that I haven't been able to get anything to grow in so I am about to pick out three succulents and plant them! I am just decided the best place to purchase them and what varieties to get. Suggestions?

Lately I have been photographing in color film and I can't get enough (I started for my local food project)! I don't care what people say, I like it so much more than digital. Even if their quality gap may be quickly closing (and I'm not using the highest quality film right now by any means), film wins in originality, depth, and brilliant colors. Digital is so dull until after editing! I think there's just something to be said for most analog practices, but maybe I am just old fashioned. Whatever your preference, though, if you have a camera, go out and take some pictures today! You will be glad you did.

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