Friday, May 07, 2010

honeysuckle magic

As I get older and wiser (at least I hope that's what I'm doing!), living in tune with the seasons has become a basic goal and desire of mine. Nature has so much to offer that is easy to take for granted when we live as if every season is in existence all year (fresh tomatoes in winter? c'mon!).

This spring, I have been spending lots of time in Corey's backyard (I lack one of my own). We have picnics and thoughtful discussions, and spend many hours in the garden. It's come to mean a lot to me to be able to spend quality time outdoors without driving to a park or taking a walk on campus (because this town is certainly not pedestrian friendly!).

And so I couldn't help noticing the large quantity of aromatic honeysuckles growing along Corey's fence. And when I came upon this article, I knew just the perfect use for them--honeysuckle sorbet. If you like the scent and taste of honeysuckle, you should make this sorbet. It tastes like summers of my childhood. And all you need are honeysuckles, water, sugar, lemon juice, and cinnamon.

What else have you made from wild plants? This topic has become a fascination of mine.

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elizabeth said...

My boyfriend and I made fried dandelion fritters earlier this spring. They were surprisingly very good, especially with hot sauce!