Sunday, May 16, 2010

the wait

I might not have posted this before, but for the past two+ months, I've been working at Target. I'm really enjoying myself there. My coworkers are fun to get to know, and it's nice to take a few months off from the responsibility of school before I move to Ohio and start my graduate program in the fall. Even though I am almost working full time and doodling on the side, this is the least busy I've been in forever!

I normally work on the sales floor, but last week I was trained to work in the photo lab. I'll be working one photo lab shift per week for now. Right now I have five rolls of film waiting to be developed and shared, but I am waiting until my photo lab shift so I can process them myself! The darkroom is still quite a bit more magical than the C-41 processing machine, but it is fun nonetheless and I am glad I'm getting this experience. So, in my next post, you can look forward to new pictures of mine and Corey's garden, my second visit to Tara's farm in Vilonia, kittens, a walk around campus with Casey, and a few bike rides with Corey.

Gardening updates: I harvested my first basil clippings from the heirloom Italian basil I have been growing on my windowsill the past two months! Also, one of our heirloom peas has its first pea pod! It's really, really magical. Our hard work is starting to pay off.

The Conway farmers' market opens in five days, and I could not be more thrilled! Although our garden is looking good, we still have a ways to go before we'll harvest much, and I am tired of buying my veggies at the supermarket! Corey and I are testing out different bike routes to take us downtown. Lately I have been riding my bike more and driving my car less. It feels great!

Look out for that picture post on Tuesday.

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