Sunday, October 18, 2009

stir fries and snickerdoodles

This weekend was my Fall Break...four days off from school should have been enough, right? Not at all! I worked some, did homework, caught up on chores...this word "break" means little to me right now! I got to have a little fun cooking and visiting one of my favorite parks with Corey, though. Here are just a few pictures...more soon.

On Friday night, we did one of our favorite activities...supermarket browsing. I know that might sound funny, but checking out different grocery stores happens to be a pastime of mine. We got some delicious stir fry ingredients including Japanese noodles, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, a special sauce (Corey is the sauce expert, so he picked it out, and it was delicious), nuts, and a few others, then cooked them up in my trusty green skillet.

And these are some vegan snickerdoodle cookies I made...fall is here! (recipe from This season I am especially looking forward to...

- showing work in the senior art exhibit
- graduating college (eep!)
- turning 23!

And as always, I anticipate...

- cool weather--scarves, coats, and boots
- changing leaves
- overcast days perfect for picture-taking
- the holiday season

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