Monday, September 21, 2009

lightning speed

Hello, dear friends and readers. Forgive my lack of posts since starting classes...this last semester of undergraduate school is jam-packed! Everything is falling into place and I feel very fulfilled, like I am going out the way I should. Tying up loose ends, coming around full circle, connecting the dots on all of the things I have learned. It feels good. But I won't deny that I'm crazy busy! In the past year, however, I have learned some things about managing my stress, and somehow everything doesn't feel as daunting as it once did. Also, I feel myself coming to terms with letting go of undergraduate school and all of the wonderful things it has entailed.

These images are from my final project...dun dun dun...the BFA Problem. I am recreating old family photos. It's turning out great. Um, only 17 left to go...whew. So far, so good, however.

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Unknown said...

This project is awesome! I was just talking about doing the same thing (diptychs and all) with my photo friends Leslie and Tessa. Leslie showed me your blog and I am amazed at how great a job you did getting the re-enactments REALLY exact!

I would love to see the other 17...did you play around with matching photo tones, etc? My favorite is definitely the sewing machine, and I thought it could be fun if you used direct flash for the recent pic, too. :D