Wednesday, May 06, 2009

summer, surprise me

I am pleased to announce that a short series of my photographs has been featured on the online literature and art magazine, Anderbo. It's really a great online publication, and you should check it out if you like short stories, nonfiction pieces, poetry, or photography. I'm very excited about being on the site!

Well, this week is finals week, and I'm moving out of my dorm on Sunday. It's my last few days in the dorm...ever! For my final semester, I will be living in an apartment. I feel I have earned that privilege after four years sans-kitchen or my own furniture. Living on campus has certainly had its perks, however, and I'm glad for the time I spent here.

I was so fortunate this semester as to have only one final exam...and it was online. However, before anyone tells me how lucky that makes me, keep in mind that the life of an art student revolves around projects more often than tests. My finals week = final projects coming out of my ears (if that happened literally, I would not be surprised), my thesis on Friday!, packing, cleaning, seeing friends graduating (am I really that old already!? yes, I am...), etc.

This summer I hope to accomplish a lot. I've been making lists and setting goals for myself. As someone who loves school, I am trying to adjust to the concept of no deadlines, no professors, and no assignments. I am learning. By the time I graduate (December!), I'll be good to go.


The Milkshake said...

Hoe existing and scary moving onto a new part of your life!
I am doing the same thing except I am graduating from high school and going to college. Can't wait to get know each other :D


Geidlbots said...

So happy for you. This stage of life is so special and unique. Life does change drastically when you become REALLY independent. I miss the schedule of college life sometimes. I don't miss the papers or tests at all. I miss the caf. I miss walking down the floor of my dorm going in and out of rooms wasting precious study time. I miss the middle of the night runs to Shipley's. Ahhh, good times--I will always remember them with a fondness. BTW, have you ever gone into the chapel (assuming it is still there) and seen the creepy art?