Monday, February 04, 2013

a trip to the art museum

Last week, I went with Corey and my friends Lindsay, Dayna, Marie, and Marie's son, to the Columbus Museum of Art.  At first I was a bit skeptical of their featured exhibit, Let's Go LEGO.  While I know that art can be made out of any materials, I just wasn't sold on an entire exhibit of art made of Legos.  However, I quickly got in the spirit of things once we started walking through the exhibit, and it turned out to be a lot of fun!  I snapped pictures of a few of my favorite Lego sculptures, including this Lego Tide, which totally felt reminiscent of Andy Warhol's Brillo boxes.

There were Lego cigarettes.

And Lego clouds, that were actually made by a photographer who makes Lego props to go in his photographs.

Then there was a huge room filled with what was called Lego Columbus...a COLUMBUS, OHIO, MADE OF LEGOS!  It was pretty exciting.  There was this Lego greenhouse, which I'm pretty sure is supposed to represent Franklin Park Conservatory.

There was a downtown Columbus skyline of all the big buildings.

Little public transit buses.   Corey and I agree that now whenever we see a real bus, we think of Legos!

There was even a Batman!  And, apparently, an alien, though we never found him/her.

A well-known ART sculpture/sign in front of Columbus College of Art and Design downtown.

And the Ohio State stadium, which was SO HUGE, compared to everything else, it got its very own room.  Typical.

We looked around at some other familiar favorites in the museum's permanent collection.

They have some hands-on areas for children.

I always spend a long time with this Diane Arbus classic, but unfortunately, this print wasn't made by Arbus personally, but was printed a year or two after she died by someone else, from her original negative.  Still really cool.

Is it my (faux) modeling pose, or my entranced-by-art pose?  Actually, it was my glazed over look halfway through before I drank a cup of coffee!  Museums will wear you out, seriously.

No doubt, that's Corey's modeling pose.

Of course I love the paintings, but I'm also always smitten by the intricate gold frames.

John Singer Sargent.

A trip to an art museum is always a pleasure.  I love seeing old art and new art, reflecting on things I've learned about art history, and finding inspiration for my own art work.

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