Sunday, January 20, 2013

year of bread recipe 4/50: deep dish pizza dough

Guys, I'm killing this baking-50-bread-recipes goal.  I need to take a break and get behind my sewing machine!

For recipe number 4, we made deep dish pizza.  We just acquired a cast iron skillet a few months ago and it is amazing.  I can't believe I didn't buy one years ago.  Corey found this thread awhile back and made the recipe suggestion by commenter sfafard a few times.  This was my first time to handle the dough-making of this recipe, and my bread-baking goal is as much about just getting in the kitchen and making bread as it is trying brand new recipes, so it counts.

I have to make a disclaimer here that it's winter time and a lot of times it's dark outside when I'm working on these things.  Even though I'm a trained photographer with professional lighting equipment, this blog is more about having fun for me than my leisurely life becoming a photography assignment, so, you get what you get with available light.  I do love working on my food photography skills...but unfortunately I lose that motivation during winter!  I'm just being honest here.

Our toppings (filling?) were Tofurky Italian sausage, red onion, bell pepper, and feta cheese.  We rarely, but sometimes eat cheese.  We also topped it with fresh spinach before eating.

This deep dish pizza dough is great and definitely worth trying!  It has a great flavor and when baked in a cast iron skillet, the edges of the crust are amazing.

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