Friday, September 02, 2011

today's adventure to moonville, ohio

Today my friend Carolyn and I took a little road trip down to southern Ohio where we went on a hike to find the Moonville tunnel, which was built in the 1800s and used to have a railroad running through it. The town of Moonville no longer exists, but the tunnel is still in tact. We were misguided by some ambiguous directions, however, and what should have been a 30 minute hike ended up taking 3 hours round trip, and that was without even finding the tunnel! We got a little help from a local and a better map and found it the second time with only about 15 minutes of walking. Even though we got lost, it was a fun day and I enjoyed getting out of the city and seeing nature that reminded me of home.


uccella said...

I have to admit, Moonville is a rockin' name for a town! Looks like a nice place for an adventure :)

Kristen said...

I know! It was named after a guy with the last name of Moon, apparently. It was a good adventure. :)

E said...

What's Caroline's phone number?