Thursday, September 01, 2011

30 day challenge: day 8

Branching out. Florals, solids, furniture! This chair is amazing. I got it with this series in mind, but I keep it in a nook in my dining room. It was $6 and besides being a little dusty, which some soap and water easily fixed, it's in excellent condition.

I am thinking of playing more with different arrangements, waist up was getting too predictable. It's tough with limited space. I think I'll add some shots outdoors too. I just need to find the right locations. I am also enjoying being expressive with my gestures since my face is not visible.

Now I'm off to find some new fake flowers that I can use to devise new types of flower masks. You'll be seeing those starting tomorrow.


Leslie McDaniel said...

Oh yes! I like this new direction. You could even put a little something on the wall in the upper right (over your left shoulder) maybe...maybe something round with just the bottom half in the frame...or something sitting on the floor in the lower right of the frame...I don't know...just brainstorming here. That would give eye something else to bounce off of so to speak.

HazelandMare said...

That is such a cool picture! I think the flowers add a very artistic touch!

uccella said...

It's been really enlightening to learn more about the creative process behind your work, Kristen. I will miss these updates once the hecticness of the semester descends once again.

Kristen said...

Leslie, thanks for your ideas! I appreciate them a lot. I was thinking of hanging something on the wall as well! I think I'll have to give that ago this week.

HazelandMare, thank you!

Casey, thanks, I appreciate hearing that so much. I am going to try to keep updating very regularly when school starts! I will have less course work and more independent work this year, and blogging about it will help me stay on top of things and track my progress, I think. It's enjoyable, too!