Friday, May 27, 2011

custom fabric, pt. 1

Here is a very small preview of the screen printed designs I am working on! I run each design as both a print and as fabric. I am currently working on getting the materials necessary to screen print on my dining room table this summer (the facilities at my school are moving to a different building and will be closed for awhile), so if that works out successfully, you can expect to see some things for sale in my Etsy shop.

The process is very hands-on and I think that's why I love it. I start by making some of my signature doodle drawings on paper, then go through all the steps to making them into a screen. I love that I can wash the screen out and print again with another ink color, and like paint, I can mix any color I can dream up. Mixing paint colors is actually one of my favorite pastimes. Although I have never considered myself a painter, I am an avid adder-of-watercolor to my sketchbook drawings. Watercolors in a tray are handy and portable, but the ones in a tube are by far my favorite, for the colors you can get with those are endless.

I've got to pick up my film of the garden this morning from the photo lab, but to give an update, everything has sprouted and it's looking great. The spinach is out of control (in a good way), the zinnia and sunflower seedlings have emerged in large numbers, the peas are quickly making their way up, up, up (planted them a little late, but it's so mild here, hoping they make it), and there are also chard, cilantro, and chives from seed. The other plants were purchased, so I find them slightly less magical, but they are getting bigger and one pepper plant even has a flower already!

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