Tuesday, June 30, 2009

walk like an Egyptian

One of my favorite things in the world is mail. I think this stems partly from my love of record-keeping and partly from my love of...office supplies. Ever since I was a little girl...envelopes, postcards, stationary, pens, paper, stamps...love love love. I love both sending and receiving things in the mail.

Today I received this wonderful package from my friend Sharon! I met Sharon last summer when I studied in Greece. She goes to college in New York and recently went on another study abroad experience, this time to Egypt. She sent me this absolutely adorable handmade camel, as well as a little charm that stands for a healthy life (she said it is a symbol for the key of life), both items from Egypt. Her package made my day. :) I sent her a 'zine that I made a few months ago, but I'm going to have to think of something extra special to send back to her in return for this little treasure. Thank you, Sharon!

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