Sunday, November 15, 2009

when it's over, it's over


The BA/BFA Exhibit is up and running! The first opening was wonderful. So many people came and showed their support. I loved it. There is another opening today, and the show runs through December 3rd.

I have less than one month of undergraduate school left! I'm done with almost everything, so I want to spend these last few weeks soaking it all up. It's hard to believe it's almost all said and done. My experience here has been excellent. I know without a doubt that I chose the right place to go to school. I've learned so much, it's hard to put into words how I feel about it. "Real world," I am ready for you.

And some of my latest efforts from the kitchen:

Apple cider donuts (these are the donut holes...yes, heart-shaped!). I made these from the recipe on Smitten Kitchen. The recipe itself was very good, but seeing as I am the World's Worst Fryer, I kept messing them up while trying to fry them, so I ended up baking them. They are okay. They would be better with a crispy outside. If you are good at frying, you will like this recipe.

These are vegan banana waffles (recipe does not say explicitly that they are banana-flavored, but let's be real, when you use bananas as a substitute in baking, the end result is a banana-flavored product, always) topped with natural peanut butter. Soooo delicious. I made these with Corey for brunch on Saturday. We made a few adaptations, such as substituting part of the wheat flour with oatmeal flour (my favorite), and using 2 Tbsp vegetable oil rather than apple sauce (didn't have any). They turned out amazingly. They take like a slice of banana bread in a waffle.


Tori said...

Mmm, the waffles look so amazing! & you're so right about bananas.

Kristen, your show was beautiful. You executed it so well & it was awesome to look at it up on the wall after seeing you working on the prints constantly in the darkroom for the past few months.
Wonderful job & congrats on finishing school!

onelonelyapricot said...


The waffles were great! I highly recommend the recipe. And about bananas--I know, right! People say you won't be able to taste them, but I have never found that to be true. In some things the taste is desirable, though, I would argue...such as these waffles. :)

And thank you so much about the show! I'm glad you enjoyed it. You will be there before you know it! Everything just flies by. Good luck finishing up the end of your semester! We still need to plan an art sale asap. I'd really love to have one soon.