Sunday, November 25, 2012

happy thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you had a nice holiday.  Corey and I have both been off work since Wednesday and enjoying every minute.  We cooked a huge Thanksgiving feast for just the two of us, and have been savoring all of the leftovers since Thursday.  This is what we had (labeled above for my ongoing holiday plate photo collection): Tofurky (of course!), mashed potatoes and cashew gravy, homemade dinner rolls, sweet potato casserole, roasted vegetables, and cornbread stuffing.  Oh, and apple crisp for dessert!  I tried a lot of new recipes and was really happy with each of them.  Here are links if you're interested:

Cashew Gravy (so delicious, a repeat favorite of ours)

I cut some of the sugar from the apple crisp and sweet potato casserole, and did not miss it at all.  I was pleased with the healthfulness of all our dishes!

The next morning, I started to work on my holiday cards.  Last year, I had my go-to printer do them for me (from my design) but this year decided to screen print them.  I'm not quite done but will finish up today!  The design is simple but fun, and I did thank-you cards too for post-holiday thank-you notes.  As you can see, Millie loves helping me screen print.  I don't have many screens right now (2--and both are better for using on fabric--basically the mesh is more open so more ink is deposited which is better for fabric than paper, and while they work on paper, it's hard to get fine details to print) and am thinking of ordering this six pack of screens so I can have multiple designs exposed at once without always having to wash out my screens.  I wish they offered slightly smaller screens though, because I have limited space for washing them out.  I really want to expand my Etsy shop in the direction of screen printed items.  I have a lot of ideas and after a year and a half of screen printing under my belt, I'd say I'm proficient enough for the challenge!  What types of screen printed items would you be interested to see in my shop (prints, fabric, cards, sewn items...etc.)?


Callie said...

I think people like screen printed t-shirts and tote bags a lot. Especially when the design is relevant AR State of Mind: I'm sure there are some Columbus/OSU inside jokes you could make pretty.

uccella said...

Glad you and Corey are both getting some time off to relax and enjoy the hoilday! Will you be Xmas decorating soon?

Ps. I'm glad you're back to bloggin'!

Kristen said...

Callie, I dunno about OSU inside jokes (I'm just not very school spirited!) but I like the idea of doing an Ohio design.

Casey, I'm glad to be back into blogging too! The decorations are up but they aren't anything fancy! Maybe someday. Did you decorate? :)