Thursday, December 08, 2011

special delivery! christmas postcards have arrived

We've established that I just LOVE getting mail. (Who doesn't!?)

I love all kinds of mail besides bills and junk mail. Have I mentioned that I get a LOT of junk mail? It's not even mine! I get a nice collection of big and tall catalogs, hunting magazines, and cable tv offers, all addressed to long gone tenants of this apartment. That aside, this is a great time of year for mail because of all of the Christmas and birthday cards that find their way to me.

One type of mail that is extra special is orders from my printer! I love seeing what my designs look like in print. There's always that magical moment of opening the box and finding 50 or 100 or 150 copies of my own's so satisfying!

Well, yesterday I received my Christmas postcards. Normally my print orders are for my wedding clients so this one was especially fun since it was a personal order!

I spent my free moments yesterday filling out cards for friends and family. I only have a few more to write before I send them off tomorrow.

This one in particular is to my brother, whom I'll see in two weeks.

Do you send out Christmas cards? Do you make or buy them, and what types of designs do you favor?

p.s. We got our first signs of snow yesterday with some flurries...I learned last year that I really hate snow! I'm not looking forward to that first snowfall at all. Do you love it or hate it? I want to learn to love it...but it's just SO COLD!


Sarah O'Holla said...

I love these! So perfect, especially in the post card format. I send christmas cards every year and usually make them with photos on shutterfly. I like to get clever though and they're not always the kind of Christmas cards that my grandma gets, but she's come to accept the quirkiness that is me :) I'm going to share my cards on my blog on Christmas. I really love the style of yours!

As for snow, I still love it since I work at a school and get snow days. I still get that super excited feeling when it's snowing out side and that calm hibernation feeling when I can stay indoors and watch it all come down. I'm ready for it to start snowing in NYC :)

uccella said...

Ahh, I remember times in the not-so-distant past when you used to like the snow! How Ohio has changed you!!

Also, these cards are adorable! What a nice surprise for finals week.

It's Me, Tamara! said...

Love your style! Not every year, but maybe every other year, my husband (and now daughter) and I get our photos taken in our matching Halloween costumes, like the year we were Princess Leia (me), Han Solo (husband) and Chewbacca (daughter). Then my husband used his savvy Photoshop skills to put our images on a galactic space war background. Usually it's a huge hit...but we don't always get it done. Maybe I'll send you this year's gem! Next year we'll have to come up with four Halloween costumes with the new baby on the way.

Kristen said...

Sarah, my family members are used to my quirkiness too! That makes total sense to me. Your cards sound awesome! You are so lucky you get snow days in NY! I think Columbus has had like 3 snow days in the past 10 years, from what everyone tells me! Last year we had an ice storm and even still school was not canceled (but I didn't go anyway that time...shhh!).

Casey, I did used to love the snow, it's true. But I think it's all relative. Because snow is easy to love when it happens once a year and everything closes, but hard to love when it happens for three months straight and you have to walk 2 miles a day in it! Do you get lots of snow in Madrid?

Tamara, thank you so much! Your cards sound awesome too! It sounds like you are very dedicated to your Halloween costumes, which I think is adorable. I would totally be up for doing a trade if you wanted! Just let me know. :)

edisonrex said...

Your postcards are adorable! So cute! I'm just wrapping up ours...they're a montage of family snapshots from 2011 that I had printed up. I really like your idea, though!

Ugh, I am anti-snow, too. Big time. It's the driving in it that I hate! But I'm trying to make peace with winter this year (after 31 years of living in MA, ha!) so we shall see! :)

Kristen said...

Thank you! I considered using photos as well but finally decided on this! I'm sure your cards will be great.

I am happy to find someone else who shares my sentiments about snow! I want to make peace with it as well, but it is so hard. Last year was my first snowy winter of my whole life (so I haven't suffered as much as you!) and I just saw snow in a new light compared to "that beautiful weather event that happens once a year and cancels school/work." The worst part for me is the sidewalks, because I walk to school every day, and the compacted snow gets reeeally slippery! Good luck to you as you try to embrace winter!