Sunday, January 09, 2011

behold the puffy coat

Since the Ohio winter first set in (which to me, if I had to name the exact moment, was when I saw the first snowflake, in early November, but true Ohioans would certainly beg to differ; in fact, most of them continue to tell me that "real" winter is not even here yet!) I have been so adverse to the cold. I joke about my Southern blood being too thin (it is, it is) and about my wardrobe consisting almost entirely of short-sleeved t-shirts and t-shirt-weight cardigans (it does, it does--I pulled out my heaviest clothing back after that first snowflake sighting), but behind all of the joking, truly there is a very cold girl. While I'm still learning to deal with the cold (rule #1--behold the puffy coat!), one thing I have realized is that slowing down and staying inside helps a lot. I am learning not to feel guilty for not being busy enough! And I've realized just how many things--leisurely things, if you will, not busy things--I can work on while I'm bundled up by my trusty space heater. I'm thinking cooking, crafting, doodling, reading, organizing (when spring finally comes, hello, I will not be inside doing spring cleaning!), etc. I'm learning to use this cold for my personal benefit.


Sarah said...

Sometimes I love having an excuse to stay home all day and get things done. Winter always begins feeling very relaxing and ends with me feeling totally cooped up!

onelonelyapricot said...

Oh definitely! I relocated last September from somewhere very warm to now someplace very cold. It is a huge adjustment for me! Winter used to mean little more than throwing on a scarf and coat before going out, but now it means snow and space heaters and hats and boots and all of that, everyday. There's a lot to get used to!