Tuesday, August 10, 2010

number nineteen

Today, One Lonely Apricot has been featured on the blog of Kate, owner of I Do Details event planning, located in Charlotte, North Carolina! You can read the article here! Her father received one of my save-the-dates in the mail and she liked it enough to track me down and interview me. Thank you so much, Kate, it means a lot!

Speaking of One Lonely Apricot, I've been a little absent from the blogging world (I've been preparing for my impending move to graduate school!) but One Lonely Apricot has been going strong. I made my first map in May of last year and am currently working on my nineteenth design! I am interested to see where One Lonely Apricot goes from here, and I have many ideas if I can only find the time to make them happen.

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theresaliz said...

I am a huge fan of maps - any kind, but especially doodle-like. I love this, and when one day I get married, I'll keep this in mind!!